dooroomwindow & paintings part 1

Peter Acheson Robert Birmelin Gideon Bok Jane Dickson Kurt Knobelsdorf Sangram Majumdar Stephanie Pierce Eleanor Ray Bill Rice Guy Yanai Karla Wozniak April 24 - May 26, 2013

Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects presents dooroomwindow, a two-part exhibition at the gallery (April 29- May 26) and at PULSE New York, May 9 – 12 (The Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, New York City).

dooroomwindow is a group show about interior space and how we see it. Doors, windows and rooms are framing devices, lenses, apertures and containers. The objects in rooms reflect absent figures. Framed by a doorway a standing figure mirrors the essential relationship of an image to a rectangle.

The gallery portion of the exhibition includes paintings by Jane Dickson, Bill Rice, Kurt Knobelsdorf, Gideon Bok, Eleanor Ray and Stephanie Pierce.

Jane Dickson (b.1952) best known for her paintings of an earlier outlaw Times Square at night. conveys a sense of urban isolation with a cinematic framing of partial figure in a night hotel.

Bill Rice (1931-2006), painter and actor, was a fixture of the East Village avant-garde art and theater scenes in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Painter of New York’s street life, Rice’s gritty views through windows and alleys carry an atmosphere of mysterious erotic possibility.

Kurt Knobelsdorf (b.1979) works from life, photos or the internet. His densely painted snapshot-like depictions of people and architecture convey a ferocious painterly integrity.

Gideon Bok (b. 1966) records the flow of people and objects through his studio. His paintings are an accumulation of details, a series of moments that build up to an image of a room.

In extremely small paintings, Eleanor Ray (b.1987) a recent New York Studio School M.F.A., plays with the tropes of painterly representation. Her work is both familiar and luminous, like seeing through a window into a place we know.

Stephanie Pierce (b. 1974) constructs interior spaces out of fractured shards of color and light. Her paintings seem to unfold and evaporate simultaneously before the viewer’s eye.

The artists in the corresponding exhibition at PULSE include Guy Yanai, Karla Wozniak, Robert Birmelin, and Sangram Majumdar.

Guy Yanai (b.1977) lives and works in Tel Aviv. His paintings of everyday spaces and modernist architecture break down into highly saturated coloring-book color blocks. In Karla Wozniak’s (b.1978) paintings of the American landscape, road signs and billboards are montaged in a manner that can be related to 20th century Modernist painters such as Ralston Crawford and Stuart Davis.

Robert Birmelin’s (b.1933) is known for his New York crowd scenes, His Doors series are reversible compositions that play with perception as they up-end the world. His work is included in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum, The Museum of Modern Art and The Hirshhorn Museum among many others.

Sangram Majumdar’s (b. 1976) paintings of open spaces, voids and accumulated objects in the studio challenge the viewer’s understanding of paintings relationship to what is seen.

Concurrently with dooroomwindow in SHFAP’s rear gallery we are exhibiting the paintings of Peter Acheson (b.1954). Part of a generation of freestyle Williamsburg painters, including Katherine Bradford and Chris Martin, the breadth of Acheson’s work encapsulates density, collage and language delivered with rawness and complexity.