Paradise (version 2017)

New York Art Book Fair 2017 Room #PR4 at MoMA PS1 September 22 - September 24, 2017

Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects presents Paradise (version 2017) – underground culture in NYC (1978-84) at the New York Art Book Fair 2017 at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City. Revisiting our October 2016 gallery exhibition, Paradise includes artists such as Glenn Branca, Walter Robinson, Eric Mitchell, Jane Dickson, Bill Rice, Charlie Ahearn, Pat Place, Peter Hujar, Ericka Beckman, Vivienne Dick, Zoe Leonard, John Lurie, James Nares, Beth and Scott B, David Wojnarowicz, Jack Smith, Jeff Weiss, Christopher Wool, Richard McGuire, Barbara Ess, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Joseph Nechvatal and others. Paradise investigates the fertile nexus in between music and performance, electrostatic graphic design, film, photography, drawing, and painting in the electric moment when no wave was a vital downtown aesthetic, dance music culture was in a renaissance, and hip hop was being born.