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2/16 Baras, Yevgeniya “Yevgeniya Baras with Matt Phillips”

7/14 Smith, Roberta “The Jam 3.0” New York Times

7/14 Editor’s Pick “Best Summer Group Show” The L Magazine

6/14 Laluyan, Oscar “Sight Un-Scene at Brian Morris Gallery”

4/14 Schwendener, Martha “ Chasing a Dream and an Unalloyed Ethos: A Critic’s Picks in Brooklyn” New York Times

3/14 Yanai, Guy “Sump Pumped Sentiments: Curated by Matt Phillips @ TSA, NY” The Telavivian

8/13 Seven, John “Matt Phillips: Impersonal Simplicity Sparks Personal Complexity” North Adams Transcript

11/13 Featured Artist for the Harvard Business Review (pp 9,61,62,63,65,81,88,140)

8/13 Hartley, Melissa “Love at Home” Mode Magazine

11/13 Gorky’s Grandaughter Interview:

6/13 Yanai, Guy “Matt Phillips – This and Then at SHFAP” The Telavivan

5/13 Krarup, Benjamin “Five Questions : Matt Phillips.”

4/13 Butler, Sharon, “Matt Phillips” Two Coats of Paint (.com)

4/13 Kirkland, Allegra, “The Scattered Geometries of Matt Phillips”

9/12 National Daily Globes, Tel Aviv, Israel. “Fresh Prints”

8/12 Esplund, Lance “The Jam” Bloomberg

7/12 Samet, Jen “Matt Phillips: Beer with a Painter ”

5/12 Maariv National Daily. Tel Aviv, Israel. “The Irreconcilable.”

3/12, “Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects at Scope.”

12/11 Museum, “The Best Art Exhibits of 2011.”

8/11 Wilson, Michael, “Upstate Downstate”

7/11 Donohoe, Victoria “Print Center’s Venerable Small Show is big on Sophistication”

 Philadelphia Inquirer

7/11 Anghelescu, Victoria “Mix and Match, o lume construita din fragmente.” Cotidianul

7/11 Nathan, Emily “Brooklyn Local”

7/11 James Kalm Rough Cuts. “Fist City at Folwer Arts.”

7/11 Kalm, James “Brooklyn Dispatches” The Brooklyn Rail

7/11 Meier, Allison “Wandering Through Bushwick Open Studios”

09/10 Dodge, Matt “Block Party (steam) Rolls into Town” The Portland Daily Sun

09/10 Keyes, Bob “New Kids on the Block” The Portland Press Herald

09/10 Gray, Christopher “Block Party Consumes the Arts District”

The Portland Phoenix

07/09 Breor, Melissa, “Driven to Abstraction.” Daily Hampshire Gazette

06/09 Campoy-Leffler, Nicole “Color Blocking is the New Black” Fine Arts LA

06/09 Juxtapoz “Behind the Scenes at Scion Space : 1,000 Days”

12/08 Curcio, Seth “The Sun Machine is Coming Down”

11/08 Smith, Nick “The Pursuit of Business” Charleston City Paper

10/08 Hawkins, Ken “The Sun Machine: Experience a contemporary exhibit where two young artists aren’t afraid of painting outside of the lines” Charleston Magazine

10/08 Pool, Olivia, “Here Comes the Sun” Charleston Post Courier

07/07 Curcio, Seth “Daily Serving Interview with Matt Phillips”