Kurt Knobelsdorf: Postcard from Florida

December 7 - January 15, 2011

Kurt Knobelsdorf moved from Philadelphia to Miami this year. A friend suggested that a change in climate might brighten his palette. However Knobelsdorf always found color in the shadows and now he finds darkness in the Florida sun. His light is never simply naturalistic. When he paints outdoors as he often does, he sometimes records the motif in a digital photo and then continues to work on the painting back in the studio using the photograph now stored in his computer. In a way he is a digital painter. He understands working from the computer as well as anyone painting today. He paints from the computer as if he were painting from life. Francis Bacon suggested that a painter can utilize photography if the source material is transformed. Whether he works from religion or porn, horror films or advertising or the house around the corner, Knobelsdorf transforms his source material into a “Lynch-ian” calvalcade of amazing images. He discovers strange and marvelous rituals in daily life and transforms these finds into rich painterly realities.